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Must Eat
Must Eat

Kandira Yoghurt

One of the most widely-known original values of Kandira is its yoghurt. The original Kandira yoghurt is made of a mixture of cow, bubalus and sheep milk. Cow slaughter and importing livestock outside the district is now under control of the local government of Kandira in order to improve the yoghurt. The yoghurt is obtained by storing and fermenting the mixture which contains two thirds of bubalus milk and one thirds of cow milk under special circumstances in special containers and provided to the consumer in the same containers.

Turkish Fairy Floss and Palace Halva

Turkish fairy floss became famous as a dessert original to Izmit. The fact that it is light and original type of dessert ensured that it has become known all around Turkey and attracted attention. The main ingredients of Turkish fairy floss are sugar, flour and butter and it requires heavy efforts to make it. Making fairy floss requires melting down the sugar until it becomes sticky and making a big ring out of it after freezing the sticky material. Then, butter is added to parched flour placed on a round metal tray. After this, several people around the tray start revolving the big ring on the butter and flour mixture. After each turn, the sugar is reshaped as a ring and this continues until all the flour is absorbed by the ring of sugar and the sugar turns into strings of halva. Although mixing parched flour with butter sounds easy, all the efforts might turn out to be in vain with a simple mistake. Turkish fairy floss is originally named "pismaniye- in Turkish and it comes from the word "pisman- which means "regretful" because while eating the fairy floss, the person eating it gets sticky lips and hands and the dessert crumbles in one's hands. So, the idea is that you will regret eating it but you will regret it even more if you do not eat the splendidly delicious dessert. This is the story of the name.

Çene Water

Çene Water reaches the surface on cene Mountain which is the highest mountain to the north of Derince and it is famous for its authentic taste and quality. cene Water even became the subject of the lines of poets in 1860. On the epigraph located on the Crown Gate of Kasr-i Humayun built upon the order of Sultan Abdulaziz in 1862, a eulogy of 22 lines of the poet Savfet from Izmit can be found. In one verse of this eulogy, the following words are said for cone Water: My words said in ineptly became sweet like cene Water This is my wish from the ruler that ascended to the throne of this country cenesuyu spring water is entirely natural and it has been coming out of the ground for 1500 years without being processed in any way. The fact that cone Water does not contain lime makes it even more valuable particularly for people with kidney disorders. Being a real source of healing with its rich and balanced mineral content, Gene Water is an ideal source of spring water for children's skeletal development as well as for pregnant women and seniors.

Masukiye Pear

Waterfalls formed on the stream that passes through the forest, trout facilities, restaurants, picnic reas and greenhouses are among the characteristics of Masukiye that should be seen. The district of Masukiye is also famous for its delicious pears. Masukiye pears ensure proper functioning of kidneys and reduce hypertension. This wonderful fruit which also cures ischemia settles down stressed  nerves and eliminates tiredness of the mind. Starting from the year 2004, Masukiye Kartepe Golden Pear Festival has been annually organized by the Municipality of Masukiye and it is an enjoyable activity which has become popular and traditionalized.

Izmit Bagel

Bagels are one of the favorite and mostly-consumed foodstuffs of our country thus making it possible to easily find it almost anywhere in Turkey. lf you seek the best Turkish bagel, izmit Bagel is what you are looking for. What makes lzmit Bagel different from those made in other cities is that it is highly crumbly and the sesame on it is adequately fried. Another distinctive characteristic of lzmit Bagel which has become a trademark for lzmit is that it is only baked in kilns fed with wood fire.

Ihsaniye Apple

When you mention apples in Kocaeli, the first place that will come to one's mind is ihsaniye. lhsaniye apple is so famous in the region that there is a specific festival organized in its name. Within the  cope of the Traditional Green Apple Festival, which was first held in 1976, many cultural activities as well as studies aiming at improving manufacturing of this product at the academic level and promoting lhsaniye apple take place.

Esme Quince

Located on a beautiful region in addition to having natural and historical riches as well as a nice flora,  ne of the best known tastes of Kocaeli is the Esme quince. Esme is one of the rare districts of our country in which vegetables are grown in enclosed gardens. Esme quince which is grown in and named afterthe municipality is a fruit which is also sought abroad. The main sorts of quince grown in Esme are as follows: Glass Quince: particularly grown in the region of Kocaeli, this fruit has dense downs and hard pulp and it isjuicy and bitter. Iron Quince: compared to the bread quince, it has a small and round shape. It is named as “iron" maybe due to the fact that it has very had pulp. Bread Quince: there are many subcategories of this type of quince. Such fruits are different in terms of size and taste. Lemon Quince: it has round fruits with lemon-yellow color and thick and hard pulp. It is highlyjuicy and tastes bitter. Esme Quince: this type of quince has medium or big size. It gets wide in the middle and smaller around the stem. The pulp is a little hard, bitter and juicy but it is not unpleasant at all. It has high consumption value.

Degirmendere Hazelnut

One of the most famous products of Degirmendere is its hazelnut. Degirmendere hazelnuts were first grown about 150 years ago. The people of the ton used to  transport the hazelnuts to Istanbul on their boats and made a living on them. Today, Degirmendere hazelnuts are sold with their green leaves by the D-130 highway and in the region between Gölcük and Halidere. Contrary to hazelnuts grown in the Black Sea, Degirmendere hazelnuts have either sharp or flat shape and it is consumed fresh. Degirmendere hazelnuts are currently grown at a highly limited capacity and agriculturalists growing them are supported through incentives. The traditional Hazelnut Festival is held on between the 28th and 30th of July each year in order to encourage the manufacturers.

Yarimca Cherries

One of the most important values of Korfez that are about to be forgotten is the famous Yarimca cherry. You can taste many sorts of this cherry from light colored to dark colored ones during the cherry season but the most enjoyable one would the Yarimca cherry which has fruits as big as a walnut and is generally known as "Napoleon" cherries but called “Haci Abdullah Cherry" bythe local people. Yarimca cherry was widely grown until the 1950s and it used to be served to important guests visiting the district. Today, it is a value which is about to be forgotten and growers keep growing it thanks to the incentives provided to them. A festival is also held in the name of Yarımca cherries and saplings are delivered to growers by the Municipality of Ktirfez in order to encourage them.