Natural Beauties

Natural Beauties

Natural Beauties
Natural Beauties


The Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli converted the area of SEKA paperfactory into the Industrial SEKA Park area which is a unique project in Turkey in terms of its size and it is also among the most significant projects of the world in its field. There are many sections on the area of SEKA paper factory which corresponds to 580 decares, started its activities in the year 1936 and was transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality after being shut down in 2005. The project includes a marina, a dock, a paper museum, a city museum, sitting areas, a buffet by the seaside, a beach, recreation areas, lighting towers, fish restaurants, light-water shows, slides for swimmers, docks, a sea observation tower, a jogging and running area, treadmills, dock lighting, resting parks, congress rooms, sitting areas, show and visual art workshops, exhibition rooms, open and closed gyms, festival areas, a pond and play areas for children.

The Walkway

The walkway in izmit which is surrounded by old plane trees add another beauty to the town especially in autumn. Railway passing from izmit city center was taken out of the city to the coast side after the earthquake of August 17th, 1999 and fences around the railwaywere removed. Then the old railway was rearranged in compliance with the profile of the city as a walking route at which people can walk and rest consistent with city under the shade of plane trees at noon, go for a walk and do their sportive exercises in the morning and in the evening as well.

Yuvacik Trout Facilities

Yuvacik, the first place that comes to people's mind when you mention trekking in Kocaeli, is also an important center of attraction with its holiday resorts and tourism facilities. Trout facilities around Yuvacik Dam and othertourist facilities with picnic areas in forests and stream sides and its tea gardens render Yuvacik a district where four seasons can be experienced with all their beauties at the same time. YoU can easily rest here accompanied by the singing birds, the fresh air and the beautiful scent of nature while watching izmit Bay from atop of mountains and in the district. Yuvacik is the focus point of scouts, those who want to set up a tent and daily travelers in addition to local and foreign tourism.

Maşukiye Trout Valley

One of the most famous green places of Kocaeli is Masukiye. Masukiye is in 120 kilometers’ distance to istanbul and 20 kilometers‘ distance to izmit. Masukiye where you will reach passing through a road surrounded by barbecue restaurants and the green nature is covered with apple, walnut and cherrytrees. The name of Masukiye comes from “masuk" which means “lover”. Following the road of Kartepe from Masukiye, you Can reach the Trout Valley. At both sides of this valley, there are trout singing birds and the sound of rushing water from waterfalls. Special dishes of Masukiye include trout cooked in kilns, mushroom cooked in ovens and village cheese cooked in casseroles.

Sapanca Lake

Sapanca Lake is fresh-water lake situated to the east of the Marmara Regions on the eastern side of the great basin that connects Adapazarl Plain to izmit Bay. The shores of the lake lie within the borders of Sakarya in the east and in the province of Kocaeli in the west. Its water basin covers 252 km2 and its area corresponds to 47 km2. It is 17 km long from the east to the west and its width from the north to the south is 5 kilometers meters deep. The lake was named after the district established on its southern shore. It is name was mentioned as Ayan Lake in old Turkish

Cebeci Shore-Kandira

Cebeci is 27 kilometers to Kandira and it is an ideal vacation area with its dean sea, wide beaches and great nature. It is a region where tent tourism is particularly takes places. Cebeci has a wide range of motel and pension possibilities and the sea season starts in the middle of June. However, as the joy of sea and sun continues until September, the number of people coming and resting in this pretty village during the season is very high. The most interesting detail in Cebeci, which is a wide and long shore, is the fine sand on the beach. This shore is so big that 10 thousand people can get a suntan without disturbing each other. The sun sets from past the shore in summer and enhances the region with an epic beauty.

Kerpe Shore-Kandira

It is a nice Black Sea village that is in 10 kilometers' distance to Kandira and 50 kilometers' distance to Izmit and has a deep blue sea which leans back to dense pine trees. As it has pine tree forests behind, Kerpe does not receive much wind from north, so it has a moderate geographic location. Its sea is especially ideal for families with children. The water is so shallow that it will not get any deeper even after 150 meters. Kerpe was not well known previously and it was a place people chose to keep for themselves out of jealousy. Today, the demand to Kerpe has highly increased.

The most developed one among the shore settlements connected to Kandira is Kefken that is 20 km far from the district center. There is Kovanagzi beach 1 km near Kefken which is also an essential place with its sea, beach and pine trees like Kerpe. Since Kefken Island, one of the rare islands of Black Sea, has a western façade, it receives rare waves, its sea is shallow and clean and suitable for children with its pebble-free, fine-sanded beach and the clean air coming from the green forest behind. It is must-see place for all these features. It is an ideal holiday site for those who want to spend their holiday swimming in a clean sea and sunbathing on the healing sands in peace and far from the highly salty waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the high temperatures of summer months, long travels and tourist prices. The Pink Rocks in Kerpe are one of the most important reasons for people to see this place due to their unique beauty. There are also interesting caves in Kerpe Rocks. The cavities under these rocks are ideal particularly for divers.

Kocaeli City Forest

Our province is located within borders of the district of Izmit in the vicinity of Umuttepe Campus of Kocaeli University. As well understood from the ground purpose, the City Forests were founded to meet physical and spiritual resting needs of the people and to integrate them to the nature as well as creating a consciousness about it except the traditional pastime understanding.


Kartepe is located within the borders of Kocaeli, 16 kilometers far from Masukiye and it is a winter tourism and natural trekking site covering 347 hectares (exactly 3,5 million meter square). Its peak is one thousand 1602 meters high from the sea level and it is in only 115 kilometers' distance to Istanbul. According to meteorological data, the northwester flows from north-west direction in winter and passes through the Black Sea and brings high amount of rainfall to the region as well high level of snowfall in Kartepe as it is the first stop in Marmara region making this region an attractivein terms of winter tourism. Snowfall starts in the middle of November and reaches an average thickness of 1,5 to 3 meters continuing till the end of April. Being located in the center of most industrialized zones of the country such as Kocaeli, Bursa and Sakarya as well as being in close proximity to Istanbul, Kartepe becomes even more attractive as sports like skiing can be performed in winter while other sports like golf, horse riding and trekking can be performed in summer. , the area becomes more attractive. In plateaus and appropriate natural areas in Kartepe, especially scouts and other association and companies organize summer camps.

Furthermore, 4 football fields located within the hotel area provide various football clubs the opportunity of preparing for the League within an environment of fresh air. Being the highest point of Samanli Mountains, Kartepe is an important value as it also meets the water needs of Kocaeli. If you want to get lost within endless whiteness, go over clouds and live a snow-white dream for real, you are invited to Kartepe... The ski center in Kartepe has 12 tracks and 25 kilometers of track area has been leased for 49 years and managed by a private company.

The hotel at the center has been designed according to the comfort and requirements of guests and has 250 rooms, 1 suite and 1 connected room as well as 50 apart-buildings which are all comfortable and fine-looking. Sports hall, sauna, vapor bath, Turkish bath and closed swimming pool are only a few of the selective services offered to guests. You should definitely visit the authentic restaurants that present you irresistible menus for the sake of your taste. The trip that you will take following the 17 kiLometers of forest path accompanied with a thousand and one tones of green starting from Masukiye will lead you to this land of dreams. Seeing the warning tables on this twisted path that a deer might come out of the forest is another sign of this dreamland.

Passing the asphalt road surrounded with barriers, lightened and widened, now is the time for being lost in that amazing beauty of the nature. Kartepe opens the ski season at the end of December and it is the address of ski lovers as it lies in only one hour's distance to Istanbul. Whilst it is a congress and seminar center in summer months, it is the right place for ski lovers and the ones who want to escape from the noise of the city in winter season. In this wonder of nature surrounded with centurial trees, you can discover the waterfalls and rivers around you following the sound of water coming to your ear and suddenly find yourself on paths hidden in white or green. Kartepe is now the new center of skiing with its four mechanical skiing facilities, 42 kilometers-long track area and 14 tracks. While easy tracks wait for beginners; master skiers can secrete high dose of adrenalin in steep hills. The special 'baby lift' area is for children and those who want to remain a child. You can enjoy excellent sausage and beef barbecue in the facilities after skiing. You can also use the chair lift to go to Geyikalani Hill watching the beauty of Kartepe and have your dinner while listening to the wood cracking in the fireplace.