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Health In Turkey

Health In Turkey
Health In Turkey


Turkish Airlines, with its more than 190 flight destinations, ensures that you discover the four corners of the world, from Asia to America, from Europe to The Far East. Turkish Air-lines aims at raising the number of its airplanes to 200 from the current number of 175.Conveyance to Turkey, which is located in the Asian and European continents, is very easy and economic. By its geographical culture, Turkey is in a region prevailing of the Middle East and Europe. For this reason, Turkey is in a sense the meeting point of tou-rists travelling both from the east and the west. Opportunities of flights are available to all surrounding regions from Turkey with two or three hour flights. For this reason, flight opportunities to our country with our national airlines Turkish Airlines, not only from pri- marily destinations in surrounding countries but also from far away countries. With its growing fleet, Turkish Airlines has come to rank among the few worlwide known airlines in the recent years. The pace of patient inflow is accelerated by such great fleet immediately responding to demand in health tourism.
This situation gains favor for our country’s health tourism infrastructure. Turkish Airlines Supports Medical Tourism Turkish Airlines has taken action to ensure that Turkey takes a greater share in medical tourism. For this purpose, patients to come from abroad within the scope of “medical Tourism Package” can take advantage of many conveniences and discounts by sub- mitting their patient admission paper they have acquired form contractual healthcare organizations during ticketing. A % 20 discount applies for passengers who will travel to Turkey for treatment from our overseas destinations.

These passengers are also offered right to additional luggage and rebooking opportunities without fine. Furthermore, up to two attendants who travel with the patient can also enjoy these advantage.


Our corporation has prepared a support package for the healthcare organizations which att- ract patients from abroad so the healthcare institutions in our country can get a greater share in the fastly growing medical tourism in the world and contribute to our country’s economy. Within this scope, initial cooperation protocol have been signed with leading healthcare organizations which are active in medical tourism. Various discounts and opportunuties are offered to our passengers who will travel to healthcare institutions for treatment from abroad.

  • For all flights to Turkey to be taken from our overseas destinations: First and business class system fares will be subject to %20 discount, comfort class system fares will be subject to %15 discount and economy class system fares will be subject to %10 discount.
  • During trips to be taken with the mentioned discount fares, an additional free luggage right of 10 kg will be allowed.
  • Rebooking fines do not apply for reservation changes made due to medical indications.

Discount Grants:

In order to take advantage of the discount, the requested patient admission paper, obtained from healthcare organizations with which cooperation protocols have been signed, must be submitted during ticketing. Unless declared otherwise, ticketing is made at Turkish Airlines sales offices.· Discounts cannot be made together with other available discounts. No discounts will be made for promotional fares. There will be no discounts for travels on stretcher.· The flights must be those solely performed by Turkish Airlines. Flights, which include other airlines are not subject to discount.· For flightlines (such as USA-Turkey), on which the right to free luggage of passengers are controlled by the piece concept, the luggage weight is limited by 23 kg. No changes will be made in the luggage to be carried.· Differencials due to unavailability of seats in the same fare class or fare rules, will be compensated.