Headache, migraine, Vascular congestion and caused by temporary and permanent paralysis,self-vaya high blood pressure as a result of developing intracerebral bleeding,
imbalance and dizziness, dementia-forgetfulness
Convulsions epilepsy
Numbness of hands and feet, burning,tingling,
Feeling of weakness and fatigue
Clouding of consciousness, loss of consciousness coma
Facial Paralysis
Walking Disorders, loss of balance, speak disorder
Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis-MS etc.
Involuntary Movements,Types Disorder
Disorders Of the head and hand tremors
Muscle weakness and other diseases
Some metabolic diseases, side effects (Diabetes, renal failure and so on)
The side effects of these diseases are diagnosed and treated.
EEG(brain electrical activity to be examined)
EMG (nerve and muscle tissue examination) operations are performed.

Other Departments